Keep Your Christmas Traditions Alive

Tradition at Christmas – at no other time of year do we fill our lives with so much ritual. Stir-up Sunday, kisses under the mistletoe and twelfth night are some of the more traditional traditions but we all have family traditions too. Watching a certain Christmas film, the date to decorate the tree, what to leave out for Father Christmas! The list is extensive!

But why do we love these rituals so much? It got me thinking about my own Christmas traditions and why they’re so important to me.

My Christmas traditions originate in my childhood. They come from a time when Christmas was as it should be….totally magical.

It’s the 1980s. I’m a small child living an idyllic life. We live in a big house set deep in the Cornish country side. Our garden is wild and vast.

It’s just a few days until Christmas. My father, who often sold Christmas trees at the market, brings in our tree to stand in our slate flagged hallway. The aroma of freshly cut pine fills the air. My mother and I decorate the tree while the cassette tape of ‘Carols from Kings’ plays.

With my father and our dog Ky. Behind is our truck filled with Christmas trees for the market
Posing on the stairs with our Christmas tree

On Christmas Eve we travel to Truro Cathedral for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Angelic choral music rings out and I sit quietly with butterflies in my tummy. It would soon be time to hang my stocking in anticipation of a visit from Father Christmas.

Christmas Day was always just us three. My mother, an excellent cook, always made a special breakfast ahead of a perfect Christmas lunch. Presents, long country walks, board games in front of an open log fire and a snoozy evening film on the telly completed our day.

The little traditions we had established created a magical Christmas bubble where I felt happy, loved and comforted. I’d come to feel that without them Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas.

These traditions are still with me. As a parent I’ve introduced them to my children. Through them I feel closer to those wonderful memories of my happy, carefree childhood and sharing them with my own children brings me no end of pleasure. I hope that when they are grown, they do the same things with their children.

Making mince pies on Christmas Eve with the children
Truro Cathedral and the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Despite the consumerism and gluttony we all fall victim to, I believe it’s actually our traditions that bring us closer to that Christmas feeling we’re all searching for. My advice, don’t get carried away with an extravagant Christmas. Don’t stuff it full of ‘things’. Look inside yourself and indulge in those moments that make your heart sing. Life is short. Make it happy.

Our home on Christmas Eve 2018

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