Sixty Years Of The Farm

A group of walkers recently stood in the lane outside our farm. It transpired that several of the party had grown up on the farm in the late 1960s and 1970s, their parents having owned the farm until the 1990s. The farm back then was run as a hobby farm with ponies, and then later cows. They kindly sent us these photos to enjoy.

The farm in 1967. The farmhouse on the bottom left was extended in the 1970s and separated off from the rest of the farm in the mid ’90s. The large barn in the centre is now the farmhouse.
The farm in February 2019. The original farmhouse (building top-right) is now much larger. The eco annexe is visible (bottom-left) on the site of the former milking parlor.
Our house photographed in 1971 before it was converted from a barn into the farmhouse in the mid ’90s. Pigs lived in the back (now our kitchen). The right side of the barn was used as a calf nursery and hay bales were stored in the loft above.
The farmhouse photographed when we first bought the property in 2017
A neighboring farmer delivers hay in 1981 to the farm. The view is from the original farmhouse, now separated off, looking on to the new farmhouse (former barn). The pig shed at the back of the barn is now our kitchen.
Looking into the farm yard from the lane in the 1970s. The main house is no longer part of the farm but the barns to the right still belong to the farm.
The view of the farm yard from the lane when we took ownership in 2017
The roof of the former barn, now our farmhouse, being replaced in 1989
The rear of the farmhouse in January 2020 during its extension
The 1950s (photographed in 1990) cow house was demolished in the ’90s and its foundation is now our garden terrace
The 1950s milking parlor (photographed in 1973) also housed the geese. This building was demolished in 2018 and the eco annexe was built in its place
Removing the milking parlor in 2018 to make way for the eco annexe

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